Storage Services in Dubai

If you are looking to store items in Dubai, it’s important to carefully research your options as making the wrong choice can result in spending more than necessary. Fortunately, your search for a reliable and affordable storage solution can now come to an end. Prime City, a self-storage and moving company located in Dubai, UAE, offers a variety of self-storage solutions to meet your specific needs and requirements. 
Prime City is a Dubai-based storage company offering both indoor and outdoor storage options in Al Quoz-1, a central location in Dubai that offers convenient access to the rest of the city. They specialize in providing secure and efficient storage solutions at reasonable prices.

Prime City provides secure storage options at cost-effective prices. Their storage facilities are situated throughout Dubai, making them readily accessible from different areas of the city. They also have facilities located on Sheikh Zayed Road, which provides convenient access to all regions of Dubai.


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Business Storage

Prime city movers’ business storage services provide storage solutions for the storing of commercial and organizational belongings, such as office equipment, documents, inventory, and other business-related items. Prime city movers have self-storage facilities, storage units, climate-controlled spaces, and 24/7 access, security systems, and easy delivery and pick-up options. Prime city movers’ business storage services can be used for various purposes, including seasonal storage, inventory management, document archiving, and much more. The goal of Prime city movers is to provide businesses with a secure and convenient option for storing their belongings, freeing up valuable space in their office or warehouse, and helping to streamline their operations.

Personal Storage

Prime City Movers’ Personal storage services provide storage solutions for individuals and households who need to store their belongings, whether temporarily or for a longer period of time. These services are for residential moving and storage, such as for flats, apartments, or villas.Prime City Movers is your personal storage solution, including: Self-storage units: Our storage units are of varying sizes to store your belongings. You will have access to the unit during specified hours and can store your items for as long as needed. Mobile storage units: Our mobile storage system will bring a storage unit to your location, you can load it up and they will store it in their facility.

Long Term Storage

Prime city movers’ long-term storage services typically involve the rental of a storage unit or space for items that require more space. Our long-term storage is the best option, including: Self-storage facilities: in this facility we rent out storage units to individuals and businesses. They come in a variety of sizes and can be rented on a monthly basis. Portable storage containers: Portable storage containers can be delivered to your location, filled with your items, and then stored at a secure storage facility or at a location of your choice.

Short Term Storage

Prime city movers provide short-term storage units. We have self-storage facilities that provide secure, temporary storage solutions for individuals and businesses. These storage units come in a variety of sizes and can be rented for a short period of time, ranging from a few days to several months. They are often used for:
Moving: When people are in the process of moving, they may need a place to temporarily store their belongings until they can move them into their new home.
Decluttering: When people need to declutter their homes or offices, they may rent a short-term storage unit to store items they don’t use frequently or no longer need.

Storage Procedure

Storage Service in Dubai

Receiving Order

The first step of the warehouse storage cycle is receiving. This involves accepting the goods from the supplier or manufacturer and then checking the goods for quality and accuracy. 

Storage Services in Dubai


The second step of the warehouse storage cycle is storage. This involves organizing the goods within the warehouse and storing them in the appropriate location. 

Storage Services in Dubai


The third and final step of the warehouse storage cycle is shipping. This involves retrieving the goods from the inventory, packaging them, and then shipping them out to the customer.